Message from the Chairperson, Board of Directors of Jaffna College

I am pleased to inform you that pursuant to an action in the Norfolk Probate Court in Massachusetts No. 18E0048QC filed by the Board of Directors of Jaffna College against the Trustees of Jaffna College Funds, the Court issued an interim order on 30th October as requested by the Board appointing an independent Special Fiduciary to administer the trust funds.

I am happy to inform the school community that Jaffna College will continue to function as usual. This interim order means that the immediate threat posed to the life of the school by the Trustees’ decision to cut funding has subsided.
We are grateful to God for his faithfulness shown to Jaffna College at all times. We are also deeply thankful to all those who stood with Jaffna College in this time of crisis.

Bishop Daniel S. Thiagarajah

Click the link below to download the statement from the Statement Board of Director of Jaffna College

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News Release in the Sunday Times regarding ‘Special Fiduciary’ to replace Jaffna College Trustees: US  court

Rev. John Bottomley preaches at JDCSI Cathedral

The movement from feeling chaotic and unable to act, to being at peace with God and
seeing a clear direction
Sermon by the Rev. John Bottomley in the JDCSI Cathedral on 16 th September 2018

Scripture Lessons: Romans 5: 1-5; John 16: 16-33

Tuesday this week was remembered around the world as International Suicide Prevention Day.
The day had a special sadness for me as I remembered a brother-in-law and a young woman I
knew well, Sarah, who had both committed suicide. Sarah’s death was a source of great grief
to me, to her family and especially her mother, Jenny.

When Jenny asked me to conduct the funeral for Sarah, I agreed. But it was difficult beyond
words. The difficulty I experienced was feeling overwhelmed by so many conflicting thoughts
and feelings. I felt sorrow, confusion and anger – anger at Sarah for taking her own life, anger
at the psychiatrist who had sexually violated her, and anger at all the people who had let her
down, perhaps including myself.

Then I spoke with a good friend about my grief and confusion. I later sat quietly with God in
prayer. As I meditated I felt again my anger and guilt, my emptiness and despair. In the silence
I began to wonder if this was how Sarah had felt when she had taken her life. Perhaps she had
felt anger at the injustice in her life, and guilt about decisions she had made. Perhaps she felt
empty and despairing about her life and all of these things contributed to her suicide. As I
reflected on these feelings Sarah may have also endured, my heart was opened and I sensed a
connection with Sarah’s anguish before she died. My heart was touched by a deep sense of
compassion for this vulnerable and anguished young woman.

As my compassion for Sarah grew, I became aware of God’s presence with me and God’s
acceptance of my grieving spirit. I became aware of God’s love for me in the midst of being
overwhelmed by my painful feelings sparked by Sarah’s suicide. This awareness of God’s love
for me strengthened me as my eyes and heart were opened to receive the truth that God’s love
was what I needed to be a pastor to Jenny and her family. If my terrible feelings of grief and
anger and despair were all acceptable to a loving God, they could form a foundation of truth to
speak at Sarah’s funeral.

The movement from feeling chaotic and unable to act, to being at peace with God and seeing a
clear direction, is what Paul witnesses to when he says ‘since we are justified by faith, we have
peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have obtained access to this

grace in which we stand; and we boast in the hope of sharing the glory of God ‘. (5 1-2 ) Being
justified is Paul’s way of describing how God restores us to a right relationship with God.
Everything between you and God can be made right again, even when you are feeling crushed
and overwhelmed. The sin and evil that distorts and destroys our lives is lifted away, and your
life is put straight with God. The result of being justified by God’s love is you will be at peace.

Paul explains that the peace Christ brings is through God’s deep acceptance of who you are as
a person, even when you cannot accept your feelings of failure and guilt. The peace God’s
generous acceptance gives is a gift you are given through Christ’s love for you. When I
received this peace is brought to me an inner strength which allowed me to stand straight in the
face of Sarah’s traumatic death. Knowing Christ’s peace gave me confidence to face my fears
and the distress I felt caused by Sarah’s suicide. It gave me hope that I could bring the peace
Christ had given to me to what I said and did at the funeral. All I could do was be fully present
at the funeral as a witness to the hope I have in Christ. My hope was that I had access to God’s
grace through Christ who knew my fears and confusion, and to lead the funeral supported by
this grace.

But Paul moves on quickly from his affirmation of the benefits of Christ’s peace to remind me
that the peace I experienced was not in any way a reward for my efforts. You may rejoice when
you have shared in the glory of God’s love, but it is an experience that calls you to fuller service.
You may rejoice in receiving Christ’s love, ‘and not only that,’ Paul says, ‘but we also boast in
our sufferings, knowing that the suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces
character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love
has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us’ (5 3-5 ). This
path Paul traces from the depth of human suffering ends up with his testimony to our hope,
which has its powerfirmly based in God’s love poured into our hearts.

Five days after Sarah’s funeral, Jenny asked me to conduct a small service at her home for her
work colleagues. Over 20 people from the university where Jenny worked gathered for a service
of remembrance, for many of them also felt the same overwhelming despair that had first hit
me. Later Jenny described the impact this service had when she returned to work a month after
Sarah died. It was as if Jenny’s welcome of her work colleagues into a sacred space in her own
home to share her deep grief at her only daughter’s suicide unlocked a steady stream of
compassionate understanding towards her. Her work colleagues welcomed her back to work
with sensitivity and love. And this love which reached out to Jenny has lifted her heart with

Over long months when Jenny rarely felt like going to work, she discovered within herself a
spirit that has endured suffering, and from her endurance she believes she is changing –
becoming more aware of herself and the people around her. One day, Jenny said to me, ‘John,
I am going to survive this’. From out of the depth of her suffering and endurance, Jenny gave
voice to her hope – a hope that began in the gift of love poured into her heart by the
compassion of those she works with. This is a fulfilment of Paul’s promise. The Holy Spirit may
pour out God’s love in those whose broken hearts are open to receive Christ’s healing grace.

John’s gospel puts clearly the reality of Christ’s promise to lift the burden of our suffering in an
unjust worldfrom our broken hearts. Jesus says: ‘So you have pain now; but I will see you
again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.’ (Jn. 16: 22 ). A
Christian life is not free from pain and suffering. Indeed Jesus teaches us that ‘in the world you
face persecution’ (16: 33 ). Sarah suffered the injustice of her psychiatrist sexually abusing his
position of trust and the violation shattered her vulnerable sense of worth. International Suicide
Prevention day reminds us not to forget the injustice people like Sarah suffered. It reminds us
to remember her pain, and to know the truth that unjust pain will harm and kill people.

This remembrance can be at the heart of our Holy Communion today, for when you remember
Jesus’ suffering and death at our Lord’s Table, remember the truth that Christ’s unjust suffering
at the hands of his enemiesled him to the cross and robbed him of life. He was killed by
powerful people in the same way that Sarah was robbed of life by a man exercising what is a
noble and prestigious profession in psychiatry that he perverted for his own selfish needs.

But Jesus’ words call us to see past the ugliness of the world that too often surrounds us, and
point us to the life-giving power of God’s love, that can bring life out of chaos as Jenny learned,
and that can bring peace when we take into our hearts and bodies the suffering love of Jesus
Christ. This is the great gift we receive at our Lord’s Table. You receive the love of God for
you, as you are today, even when you are broken-hearted and overwhelmed as I was by the
injustice of Sarah’s death. You receive the solidarity of Christ’s presence who shares our
suffering. And through Christ’s presence, you may receive the gift of peace, of knowing that by
Christ’s generous love you have been put right with God. This is a joy that no-one can take
from you.

Twelve years of Bishopric Journey

A Service of Praise & Thanksgiving for the 12th year celebration of the consecration of the Rt. Rev. Dr Daniel Selvaratnam Thiagarajah, Bishop of the Church of South India in the Jaffna Diocese, and a Service of Ordination was held at 10.30 a.m. in JDCSI Cathedral, Vaddukoddai, on21 August 2018.

The service was a joyful celebration; the Cathedral’s bells rang before the service as a mark of welcome and the Vaddukoddai Cathedral choir sang hymns and regional songs in Tamil & Sinhala. The Cathedral Nave was full for the Thanksgiving Service.

The Old Testament Reading was Psalm 37: 1-7, read by The Reverend A. Daisy Aseervatham in Tamil;The Epistle Reading, 2 Corinthians 4: 7-18, was read by The Reverend Sanjeewa Weerarthne in Sinhala;and the Gospel Reading, Luke 17. 7-10, was read by Mrs. Jennifer Rochelle Jebasingh Samuvel in English.

The Sermon was delivered by Professor R.W. Alexander Jesudasan, DSc PhD, Principal & Secretary of Madras Christian College. He greeted the bishop for his good Episcopal leadership and thanked him for being an ambassador for the Jaffna Diocese of Church of South India to nurture the church.

Further he preached from the book of Psalm chapter 37, whereas he pointed out Psalm 37:5


As the mantra for a successful leadership; He focused on three important elements which we have to remember in our life: “Commit ourselves to the Lord, Trust the Lord, finally Act according to God’s will”.

“Commit your way to the Lord” in the sense that when we are in the leadership we may face difficulties, we may face melancholy strain, and we may face accusations: this happens to everyone in leadership. “Even the Bishop would have faced accusations in this past twelve years, but the Lord was with him all these years.”

But what we have to do is commit our way to the Lord. Once we commit our problems, difficulties and accusations to the Lord, all the problems and difficulties become the Lord’s problem so he will take care of everything.

“Trust the Lord.” Dr. Alexander explained this concept with a short narration about hill curves, “We are all allergic to hill curves.A group of people were travelling in the hill which has many bends and curves.Everyone was shattered and afraid but one small girl was there; she was very calm and cool, people exclaimed how come she is cool’ then they asked her “Girl, how come you are not afraid of these scary bends and curves? She replied that ‘The driver is my dad and I strongly believe he will safely take me to the destination.’ Yes, friends: we are called to trust the Lord in our path of difficulties and problems.”

“He will act. “ “Twelve is a number of completions; Bishop, the diocese and the people of the Jaffna diocese are going to begin a new era, to write a new chapter; God will take care of everything!” Dr. Alexander concluded the sermon with a message of hope.

The service of ordination for Rev. W. Jebasingh Samuvel took place after the sermon. Rev. Jebasingh currently serves in the island of Delft, and was ordained as a Presbyter in the presence of clerics and office bearers of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India.

During the Felicitation time, Hon. C. Sundraraj, Bursar cum Treasurer of Madras Christian College, greeted the Bishop and his 12th year of successful bishopric leadership.

After the service, the general felicitation was arranged by the congregation to Bishop Daniel Thiagarajah’s marvellous ministry; people from various churches honoured Bishop and his wife Dr. Thayalini Thiagarajah.

The Bishop during the vote of thanks remembered those who have travelled in the bishopric journey with him and thanked everyone for the support and love.

A fellowship lunch was also served to the congregations and the visitors.

Jaffna Diocese CSI stands with the people of Kerala, India.

Heavy monsoon flooding has devastated 324 people’s lives and destroyed thousands of livelihoods. Large parts of Kerala are hilly which makes even harder to reach the affected areas.

We, the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India, extend our prayer support for those who have lost their loved ones in this natural calamity. We solicit your prayer support for the state of Kerala.

We proud that the Moderator of CSI, the Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen and his team, are showing solidarity with the people in the time of suffering.

Photo Credit: Daily Hunt

Jaffna Diocese Welcomes New Bishop of Krishna-Godavari Diocese of CSI

Rt. Rev. George Cornelious T. has been consecrated as the new bishop of the Krishna-Godavari Diocese of the Church of South India. He is the seventh Bishop of the Diocese.

The consecration service was led by Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, the Moderator of the Church of South India, on 29th of May 2018 at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Machilipatnam. The Deputy Moderator delivered the consecration sermon.

The Moderator then declared Rt. Rev. George Cornelious T. as a Bishop in the Church of God, in the name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The congregation responded with a loud ‘Amen’ and sang the doxology.

Then the newly consecrated Bishop was led to his Episcopal chair. The lay officers of the Diocese, representatives of the laity and representatives of the Deacons and Presbyters and women workers promised all due obedience to the new Bishop.

Rt. Rev. George Cornelious takes up the Episcopal calling after a dedicated ministry in the diocese for 20 years. The Bishop is fifty-seven years old; married to Mrs. Joshuva Kumari Dasari and blessed with one son; Dinesh Cornelious, and a daughter, Monica Cornelious. The Bishop started his ministry as the Bishop’s Secretary and served various parishes. He was the Director of Christian Education and of the Youth Department of the Diocese.

Photos Courtesy: CSI SYNOD.

Jaffna Diocese Welcomes New Bishop of Trichy-Tanjore Diocese of CSI

Rev. Dr. D. Chandrasekaran takes over as the Sixth bishop of the Trichy-Tanjore Diocese of the Church of South India. The Moderator of Church of South India, Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, consecrated the Revd. Dr. D. Chandrasekaran as the bishop of the Trichy-Tanjore Diocese of the Church of South India on 28 th of May 2018 at St. Luke’s Church, Bishop Heber College in Trichy. He is the sixth Bishop of the Diocese. Bishop M. Joseph, Bishop of Diocese of Madurai Ramnad delivered the consecration sermon. People from various walks of life, the missionaries, and heads of institutions, representatives from theological colleges, members of the neighboring dioceses, and leaders and members of other denominations witnessed the consecration service.

Dr Chandrasekaran is married to K. Rosalind and both are blessed with two sons. The new bishop takes up this important calling after a dedicated ministry in the diocese for 32 years. Heis known for his pioneering missionary work in Pachamalai Tribal Mission, Salem District. He has his doctorate from the Tamil University, Thanjavur.

The New bishop stated that “his primary ambition would be to safeguard all properties under the diocese and transforming CSI Mission hospital in Trichy to a Multi specialty hospital with quality healthcare that could be affordable to the marginalized community.