Message from the Chairperson, Board of Directors of Jaffna College

I am pleased to inform you that pursuant to an action in the Norfolk Probate Court in Massachusetts No. 18E0048QC filed by the Board of Directors of Jaffna College against the Trustees of Jaffna College Funds, the Court issued an interim order on 30th October as requested by the Board appointing an independent Special Fiduciary to administer the trust funds.

I am happy to inform the school community that Jaffna College will continue to function as usual. This interim order means that the immediate threat posed to the life of the school by the Trustees’ decision to cut funding has subsided.
We are grateful to God for his faithfulness shown to Jaffna College at all times. We are also deeply thankful to all those who stood with Jaffna College in this time of crisis.

Bishop Daniel S. Thiagarajah

Click the link below to download the statement from the Statement Board of Director of Jaffna College

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